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Independece Day(1996) ID4 - Mothership Connection? Not so much...sort of.. [User Review]


Independence Day was the runaway hit of its year. It propelled Roland Emmerich to the A-list, made a star out of Will Smith, and provided audiences with some of the most extravagant special effects and action sequences not seen since Jurassic Park.


Shutter Island -- Old stinky lamb shank in Martin Scorsese's new Asian sauce. [User Review]

Shutter Island (2010)

Shutter Island is like slow cooked lamb shanks. Its got the interesting (to some) sauce and right texture, and spices, but unfortunately the lamb shanks itself is tough or maybe stinky off.

The setup of the movie was in 1954, yes, so conveniently there is no mobile phone, no helicopters and no surveillance cameras. A federal Marshal arrived Shutter Island with his partner to investigate the missing case of a dangerous psychiatric female patient. As his investigation progressed further his personal background and traumatic past unfolded, and he realised that this was more than just a missing patient he was confronting.

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Valentines Day [User Review]

Valentine's Day (2010)

The movie ‘Valentines Day’ is like a cheese bucket. Not a collection of cheese with variety and flavour, not with nice presentation and proper crackers and bread on the side. It is a bucket of junk full of the broken bits from the bottom of the whole packages, it is not made to be enjoyed. It is there for the sake of ‘must have cheese’ and trade for money only.

Seriously, what a surprise. When you walk into a movie called ‘Valentines Day’ which opens on Valentines Day, you know they are not making art, or experience. But there is nothing wrong with a little bit of cheese from time to time, right? It should be easy going and light hearted, and carry some retard (no, scratch that) simple messages such as ‘love concurs all’ and ‘be loyal to your spouse’, or ‘someone mean-to-be is waiting for you somewhere’. When you walk into this one you should be well prepared cos you know it would be a sure bet to have a full faceful of cheese coming down your way.


Twister(1996) This will blow your mind away....and some brain cells too [User Review] [User Review]

Twister (1996)

Mysteriously-funded and irrationally-driven "storm-chasers" gad about the American midwest, trying to throw an aluminum thingy filled with little aluminum thingies into a tornado. They say it's to research these natural disasters. Cue joke about this movie being natural disaster.

Leading the pants-wetting charge is Jo (Helen Hunt) with her team of nonces, including a young, beatnik Philip Seymour Hoffman. Along for the sodden ride is Jo's estranged hubbie and ex-leader of the nonces, Bill (Bill Paxton), with his new psychologist boo, played with closed-kneed stoicism by Jami Gertz; with the talented Cary Elwes as a rival storm-chaser, relegated to Dick Dastardly sniggers.


Space Jam (1996) - One Long Commercial [User Review] [User Review]

Space Jam (1996)

This is a terrible movie, and the fact that Leonard Maltin likes it makes me wonder what happened to his brain cells since he introduced the Golden Jubilee series of Looney Tunes videos in 1985. If you want a good Looney Tunes film, check out any of the compilation flicks like "The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie."

To start the movie off, we're treated to a supposed-to-be-heartwarming scene in which a young Michael (you know, that classic Looney Tunes character Michael Jordan) is playing basketball outside and tells his dad about all the things he wants to do when he grows up. Yeah, like we need to know why a tall, bald, black guy is playing basketball thirty years later. It's definitely not the nine zillion he makes annually, but because it's his boyhood dream. Besides, one line of adult Michael's slushy-voiced dialogue reveals that he's probably not qualified for too many other professions.


I Know What You Did Last Summer(1997) - Hateful Teens Get What's Coming To Them [User Review] [User Review]

"I Know What You Did Last Summer" (1997)

I like to say something positive about every film I review, so I will get that out of the way by saying that Jennifer Love Hewitt never looked better than she does here. The movie poster made her career, along with the scene of her standing in the street and yelling after finding crabs in her trunk (now if that isn't subliminal somehow...). The movie picks up when she starts walking around in that little low-cut blue top. If there is any reason to watch the film now, it is to watch her fleeting moment of glory before she started putting on weight. She looks mighty fine.

Overall, this film is ruined by terrible acting and busy direction. We don't get just a scene of the actors walking along - no, we first have to see a random fisherman carrying a humongous fish, I guess to establish that, yes, those fishing boats in the background do indeed mean that this is a fishing village. Sloppiness abounds.


The Wolfman - Bangers & Mash night [USER REVIEW] [User Review]

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, 2010 Wolfman (2010)

‘The Wolfman’ is like a Bangers & Mash. So you know what will come in the plate and you mostly will get what you wanted. You have your greasy meaty part, you have your creamy potatoy part too, topped with spicy gravy of the colour and atmosphere. It is easy going too… Bangers & Mash right? Not the typical choice for the healthy eaters though.

First let me make it clear that I didn’t watch the 1940 version. And I didn’t go through the 1980 version neither. There you go. I said it. So my liking of the latest make is not open for judge by the franchise/wolfman idea lovers. For the 100 min running time the story was very nicely told, not too fast, not too slow; the acting were spot on for most of the time; there were some greasy and rather mild twists and thrills, and an ending everyone saw coming. I actually enjoy the experience, feel like watching a stage play or well known musical, but if anyone is looking for surprise factors then they might be disappointed.

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