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The Edge of Darkness [User Review] [User Review]

Edge of Darkness (2010)

The edge of darkness is a drink of ginger ale – it is not that mind blowing glass of wine, but not your down-pouring cup of coca cola neither.

Our Mel Gibson as a police detective was traumatised by his beloved daughter’s death and decided to take a series of revenge action to dig to the root. As the background of his daughter’s complex unfold he realized that more politics and powerful people were involved but he didn’t care. He took justice in his own hand cos he was a guy ‘ with nothing to lose and doesn’t give a sh!t”.


Robocop rap - Warnings of Spoilers and Brilliance! [User Review]


If you haven't seen Robocop then I have to ask, "What is wrong with you!?!" Go watch it and then come back to see the short rap video version of the film below.

Special thanks to Joblo.com for finding this gem. :)


Moving Pictures Presents: Hotties in Haiku (Mass Effect edition) - Liara T'Soni [User Review]


Let's play "Captain Kirk"

You can be the hot blue chick

We'll mind meld, baby

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Nine. Nine layer of cake for display [User Review]

Nine (2010)
Nine, Bob Marshall‘s latest musical effort, is dark, sophisticated and beautiful. It’s like that amazing multi-layered cake displayed in the glorious pastry shop window, made with skills, made with style, made to impress, and not made for sweet lovers.

After the successfully claimed ‘Chicago’, Bob Marshall started a Musical-Turned-Movie fever. It was not a real surprise neither that ‘Chicago’ was big winner; it has beautiful colours, good looking girls, crispy accurate professional level of performance both dance numbers and acting. But hey, what does this Bob or Rob guy knows about movie business anyway? If he can do it then it must not be that hard right? So suddenly we have our movie catalogues saturated with musical movies: we have producers hairspray mama mia high school musical and whole bunch of others. Mark my word, they will turn all broadway shows into movies until there is no musical left.

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It’s complicated, well, sort of [USER REVIEW] [User Review]

It's Complicated

It’s complicated is like a Chocolate Croissant. It is pleasant, deliver exactly what you’d expected (the chocolate, and well, the Croissant), and not much of surprise otherwise. Is it complicated? Well, sort of. Or not.

Jane’s charming husband left her for some young sexy 10 years ago left Jane with three kids. Obviously he was not the material for family figure, so when the new family started to overload him with some family duties he started to fall backwards, when 10 years later this side of the kids were all grown and not so much of a headache. Jane is waving in between the affair with exhubby and humble funny architect.


Moving Pictures Presents: Hotties in Haiku - Darryl Hannah [User Review]


Mermaid, cave girl and

sexy, sexy replicant.

Oh, where have you gone?

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The Hurt Locker - A Neutral Take On The Iraq War [USER REVIEW] [User Review]

Hurt Locker (2008)

My introduction to Kathryn Bigelow was “K-19: The Widowmaker” which wasn’t a good first impression, I mean the movie would have been fine had it not been for the atrocious Russian accents on display by the main cast, which distracts from the story. I haven’t seen “Point Break” but through “Hot Fuzz” and “Mythbusters” I know it wouldn’t appeal to me.

Though none of these really was on my mind when I sat down and watched this film, which I had heard a considerable amount of acclaim behind it as well as being a contender for Best Picture this year (Which there will be 10 nominees). And to say the least experiencing this from beginning to end it is truly one of the best films of year and probably one of the best modern warfare films I have seen since “Black Hawk Down.”