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'Surrogates'. How do you like your fish and chips? [User Review]

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Would a fish-and-chips be your decent night out meal? Would it? Not really to most of us, unless you are one of those odd breeds, you know, cuppa tea, walk-in-fog, Marry Poppin kind. You won’t take your first date sexy animal to it; you won’t have it for a romantic anniversary night out; you won’t remember it as the meal of your life.

But what if I tell you it is THE fish-and-chips? What if the chips are house-cut, using in season Spunta or Nicola potatoes, lightly seasoned and beer battered? What if the fish is the catch of the day, house-fillet RockCod? What if herbs and spices are home-grown? How about chips decent fried, golden and lightly brown, crispy outside and creamy inside? And fish coat flaky and juice burst out when you first bite? How about a wage of organic lemon on the side?

If this is the case, would you change your mind and make it a decent night out meal? Now you are thinking…

Enough food talk. This is a movie site.


The Fall. Fantastic Ride that is. [User Review]


The Fall

I attempted to watch this movie for many times, over my dinner. But the first 2 min is so dark and emotional I felt it didn't go well with my food.

'The Fall' is by no means an everyday entertainment movie. It belongs to the 'art-house', 'drama' bunch, a movie made with edgy concepts and demanding pop-corn-free viewing with your full attention. It has slow start, slow plot flow and not so much twist and thrill for the story turns. Yes it all sound very boring and dry. But if you happen to have attention focus span for longer than 5 min, you will find that it really grabs you, keep you on the seat all the way, deeply involves your emotion and leave so much in your chest when it finish, that you have to find someone to talk about it for times.

That is why I am writing this down, I guess.



Taking of Pelham 123 [USER REVIEW] [User Review]


Taking of Pelham 123

“The Taking of Pelham 123” is trying to be cool. Note the key word: trying. Similar movies were cool. “Ransom” for instance, directed by Ron Howard, was one of them. The tense hostage/kidnap situation offered intriguing power shifting between two clever and complex minds. Earlier “Negotiator” and later “Inside Man” are good examples of this, too.

While Tony Scott tried hard, “The Taking of Pelham 123” failed to be one of those “cool” movies.

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El Espinazo Del Diablo aka The Devil's Backbone [User Review]


Wow, I clearly remember the day this film was released in theaters. I made sure to be at the first showing of the day and I was not disappointed. I really didn't know what to expect, whether it would be a straight ahead ghost/horror story or something with a little more meat on its bones. The film is set in Spain during a civil war at an orphanage run by a one-legged headmistress and a doctor sympathetic to left-wing ideals.

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Flippin' Sweet! [User Review]


Now I gotta think of a good movie to review!


To insult is not enough! [User Review]


If you are going to insult me then at least be creative about it. There is nothing lamer than using bland insults.

Creativity is the key!

PS. It would also be great if you could at least run it through spell check before submitting.

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Armageddon of the Transformers Bad Boys... (USER REVIEW) [User Review]


Transformers II

So I recently saw a Michael Bay snippet in Robot Chicken regarding a trailer for an upcoming movie called, “Michael Bay Explosions!” or for short, BAY ‘SPLOSIONS! Genius (as Seth Green and Robot Chicken always is) and right to the heart of the matter. Thus, that is my review. Go if you love BAY ‘SPLOSIONS and can’t get enough of non-stop BAY ‘SPLOSIONS coming at you left and right to the extent that it’s more of a suspension of disbelief that anyone on planet Earth survived all those explosions more than it is to believe in the existence of Autobots…

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