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Aidan 5: Season 2 needs your help!

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A while back Bitter Balcony interviewed the creators of “Aidan 5” for their 48-hour film project that was expanded on and turned into a web series. When the series began we interviewed Maya Sayre regarding her role in it. Now the team is back at it and preparing for season 2 of the series and they need our collective help! “Aidan 5” now has a Kickstarter actively taking contributions for them to complete the project.

If you were a fan of the series take a moment to check out their Kickstarter and contribute what you can. If you have yet to watch the series then you owe it to yourself to watch it and then revisit the first sentence in this paragraph. As usual, anything helps and I’m sure the team of fine people working on the series would appreciate it greatly.

There's already been a flood of contributions that have helped them reach over half their requested budget in less than 24 hours.

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