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An appeal to Mark Wahlberg about "Uncharted" the movie

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Dear Mr Mark Wahlberg,

As fans of film, the “Uncharted” video game series and seeing how you ruined “Max Payne” we beg of you to not force yourself into a role you aren’t suited for. Bitter Balcony understands the use of your “star power” to bring in a few extra bucks for a movie you are producing(?), but let’s face it… You aren’t charismatic or young enough to be Nathan Drake in the upcoming “Uncharted” film adaption. The screenplay already sounds like a bastardization of the game’s simple, but functional and entertaining, premise. We would hate for a possibly entertaining film to be total waste because you feel you know best when you might not.

Hire Nathan Fillion. The man is charismatic, looks the part and has expressed interest. Not only that, but the director David O Russel has already mentioned that Fillion would be a perfect fit for the role. Take this moment to be a producer and think ahead on what the project might need and not what you need as an actor. It’s perfectly OK to stay behind the scenes and play your part elsewhere. No one will blame you and most of us will thank you.

So please… Pretty please… with sugar on top… stay the hell away from Nathan Drake.

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pasadena (not verified) on Mon, 01/03/2011 - 3:43pm

It is amassing how far the technology has come with video gaming in the last 30 years.

JAS on Wed, 01/12/2011 - 9:00am

It really has. I'm fascinated with how the line between film and games is getting blurred too. Games like Heavy Rain is almost more movie than game, not to mention that it looks phenomenal.

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