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Arduino Documentary - Nerd Alert, sure, but worth sharing!

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We here at Bitter Balcony are a diverse group. We love to write, draw, take photographs, and one of us (me) even likes to tinker with electronics and robots.

"When I was doing research into how one could go about doing this on the cheap I found the Arduino. It’s a chip/board that is programmable and can serve many different purposes for many different people. It’s cheap, but not at the cost of functionality. The best feature is that it really does ease artists and other non-engineer types to get into the world of electronics and build themselves toys or machines to help them with whatever inspired the need for researching electronics in the first place." -JAS

Film cameras, camera movement rigs and all sorts of gadgets can be created with this great tool, so when we saw that there was a documentary released for it we thought it would be great to share with your loyal fans, in case they once dreamed of building the next Terminator. Arduino is a great place to start while you learn what you need to build Skynet and the Terminator line to enslave the human race. The only thing we ask is that you remember who got you started when you were just a young mad scientist.

The documentary is well made, short like “Undercity”, but contains all that one would like to know about the origins of the device and how it really took people from all over the world cooperating on an open source project to get it out to the masses. You even get a glimpse of what some people have used it for including some party favors, social electronics and even a 3D printer that takes 3D models, like the ones used in film, and print them into physical models for your use or decoration.

Watch the documentary below!

Arduino The Documentary (2010) English HD from gnd on Vimeo.

Source of the Bitter: JAS

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