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Art hits Miami at The Backlot!!!

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Bitter Balcony steps out of our film shells to let you guys know about an exhibit by local talent Marfive, Elex, Soy! and others. Tomorrow night, the guys throw out an opening reception at The Backlot. The works feature a wide range of mixed media and pop art, in the true spirit of the artists' abilities and influences.

We usually would encourage our readers to catch a film, but it's safe to skip "Faster" or "Burlesque" for one night to "broaden our horizons," as they say(Cher will still be waiting for you with her ass-chaps, anyways).

The Backlot
150 N.W 21st Street
Miami, Fl 33137
(305) 809-6949

Source of the Bitter: John Rojas

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