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Automan better than Tron: Legacy!?!


Interesting news! Inside Hollywood sources say that there is an “Automan” movie in the making and that early impressions are leaving “Tron: Legacy” in the dust.

The film is said to star, believe it or not, John Travolta as Otto J. Mann, a holographic AI that can take physical form in the real world to use his high intellect to fight crime. Thanks to his holographic body he is invulnerable to bullets and explosions. Otto, otherwise known as Automan, is assited by his creator/programmer Walter Nebicher (played by Shai LeBeouf).

In this film reinvention, Nebicher is more of a computer hacker than a programmer, whose family was kidnapped by a terrorist cell. The government incapable, or unwilling, to find and rescue his parents causes Nebicher to get creative with his programming skills and construct someone/something to help.

Lets not forget that Gary Oldman is contracted to do the voice-work for Cursor, Automan’s companion floating cyber thingy that can create cars, helicopters and planes for Automan.

Apparently, the story gets bigger than this and involves the fall of the intertubes and the decimation of mankind. We chatted with the movie’s producer Uwe Boll and have to admit there was a bit of shock and awe that this sounds as good as it does.

We were promised some scenes from the movie as soon as effects were finished, so stay tuned. In the meantime, here is a few shots and clips from the old TV show.

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Big Boo (not verified) on Thu, 01/27/2011 - 12:37am

This all seems a little unlikely to me, given the original series only managed 12 episodes before being canned, so was never what you would call a hit.

That said, I really (to the power infinity) hope this is true. I loved Automan as a kid and would love this to come out if only because I think I would be in the minority of people who remembered it from first time round.

My glimmer of hope for this seeing the light of day (which is probably also going to be the thing that makes the film a turkey) is that Uwe Boll is involved.

JAS on Thu, 01/27/2011 - 9:56am

This should be a high fluff Michael Bay extravaganza. Sadly, I was just wanting to pick on an old series and adding Travolta into it just sounded too perfect. ;)

I'm pretty sure we won't see this one on the screen.

Icebergs are to Titanic as Uwe Boll is to film.

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