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B-movie mania hits Miami (on a school night, no less) with Bad Movies For Bad People & B-Movies at the G-Spot!!!

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Bitter Balcony’s search for Miami’s cinematic pulse has led us to a quartet of affable, passionate film buffs. Omar Lopez, Alex Leon, Anthony Puello and Manny Gomez are inspiring a young community of movie nuts to meet for a night of jolly jolly good celluloid mayhem, where infusion of crowd participation and cold beer rule ‘til the wee hours.

The boys gather twice, the second Tuesday of each month dedicated to B-movies and cult favorites at Coconut Grove’s The Grove Spot, while the fourth Tuesday is not for the faint of heart(or guts) with Bad Movies For Bad People, a homage to splatterfest cinema at Downtown’s Bar.

We caught up with Omar and Alex during the Nov. 9 showing of blaxploitation satire flick (and Bitter Balcony approved) “Black Dynamite.” The audience, consisting mostly of tattooed and pierced 20 to 30 year-olds, appeared to have fun watching this new cult hit. After the credits, Omar and Alex, exuberant from the positive reaction (not to mention a sweet brew buzz) thanked everyone for making the night special, and promised that this is just the beginning.

The duo, whose casual night of movie-watching grew from the living room of their apartment to a loyal fanbase, are taking their 24 frames per second love public. They started Bad Movies For Bad People about a year ago, where they were able to show gore-fest gems like Peter Jackson’s “Dead Alive” and Sam Raimi’s landmark “Evil Dead 2.” With B-Movies at the G-Spot, the guys hope to attract a wider audience with cult films that deviate from the bloodshed, but still keep the outsider sprit of underground filmmaking.

Ultimately, they hope to bring to Miami the type of interest in counterculture films that exists in cities like New York and Los Angeles, and do we ever need it down here. Bitter Balcony’s thumbs are way up for these guys, but we’re hoping they'll leave us some Yuengling next time!

The guys are open to requests or comments, so please contact them at http://www.facebook.com/BadMoviesForBadPeople or http://www.facebook.com/BmoviesGspot?v=wall

Also, check out the locations of the screenings:

The Grove Spot
3324 Virginia Street
Miami, FL 33133
(305) 774-6696‎

28 NE 14th St
Miami, FL, 33132
(305) 358 3600


Official website:


Source of the Bitter: John Rojas

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