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Bad Tubing: PVC-1 review!



Bitter Balcony has found one raw thriller with "PVC-1". Based on a real event, a farmer's family is victimized in their own home by guerrilla hijackers on Colombia's countryside. As the criminals terrify the helpless family, a sinister plan to force a ransom has the hijakers strap a PVC bomb around the neck of the father.

However, the man's neck is too wide for the device, leaving them to use the man's wife instead. After the hijackers leave, the family becomes aware of the bomb placed like a collar around the woman. Rather than fall to the mercy of the hijackers' demands, the family decides to find aid from the authorities across the other side of the river.

A race against time ensues as the man and his daughter lead the wife though the rural paths for a desperate attempt to reach a bomb expert. While they reach the officer, will he have enough time to deactivate the bomb and save this humble woman's life?

"PVC-1" will leave your hands sweating with the real-time terror first time director Spiros Stathoulopoulos brings.The film is shot in one take, leaving no breathing room for the protagonists or the viewer. The depiction of the peaceful and remote Colombian terrain are a beautifully stark contrast to the life and death predicament, almost suggesting how these terrorist attacks remain hidden from the outside world.

"PVC-1", unlike other standout films from Colombia like "La Vendedora De Rosas"(The Rose Seller), "Maria Full Of Grace", and "La Virgen De Los Sicarios"(Our Lady Of The Assassins), is truly a genre film, something needed to showcase the variety of cinema in South America besides Brazilian and Argentinean films. On a side note, this film was executive produced by "Spawn" himself, Michael Jai White. Who would think the man had such good taste in movies?


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Directed by: Spiros Stathoulopoulos
Written by: Spiros Stathoulopoulos
Cast: Merida Urquia, Hugo Pereira

Source of the Bitter: John Rojas

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