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Ben Affleck as Batman. NO. #Batman @BenAffleck

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Most have you have probably heard that Ben Affleck (A.K.A. crappy Daredevil) is going to be the next Batman. This is sad news as we will have to skip the next few Batman films and the next Superman film. The only way to show Hollywood that this is not a good idea is to not pay for the film. Let’s just go ahead and NOT watch this film, especially opening weekend.

Bad Hollywood films should be punished. The only punishment they know is failure. Let’s save some cash and skip out on crappy films/decisions.

Update: Here’s how I, JAS, feel about it… I think there really has not been a good casting choice for Batman by Hollywood yet. There have been competent actors whose performance were able to save them/the movie from being miscast. I honestly think Bale, with his lisp and weak chin, was a terrible decision. The thing is, is those scripts were very strong and he’s a decent enough actor that it kept him from failing. As long as they write to Affleck’s strengths, not sure what those are, they could make OK Batman films.

What I would like to see is an actor cast that has the voice, the jaw line and the heft to pull off a really kick ass Batman. The only actor cast as Batman I’ve ever felt satisfied with is Clark Bartram from “Batman: Dead End”. The man has the physicality, the face and the voice to make a good Batman.

Also, Affleck as an older Batman to teach a younger Superman... -__-

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