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Bitter Balcony crashes Miami's Creature Entertainment's ball!!!

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Bitter Balcony spent Halloween with a group of demented Hispanic filmmakers from the Magic City. Creature Entertainment, assembled by local Miami artists whose devotion to comics, video games, Heavy Metal and Tarantino finds a playground in South Florida’s incessant heat.

The fellas threw an All Hallow’s day bash at one of Downtown Miami’s “it” spots, Transit Lounge. Film aficionados and party hoppers alike gathered in a celebration of costumes, booze, and most prevalent, a presentation of Creature Entertainment’s renegade shorts “Killswitch Billy,” “Gun,” and “Zombie Years.”

We were pleased not only by their good work, but the guys' desire to ignite independent, genre-based films right at home(Yes, we do more than tan in South Beach down here. Well, maybe not). Bitter Balcony thanks Creature’s founders John Ulloa, Anthony Dones, Al Quesada, Juan Navarro, Julio Alvarez, and John Varese for their efforts and will support their blood-splattering, gun-slinging ways!

Here's one of the guys shorts, "Reservoir Bats." For more of their work, check out their page on Youtube: and the official Creature Entertainment site:


Official website:


Source of the Bitter: John Rojas

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JAS on Wed, 11/10/2010 - 7:26pm

That looks like a fun time! Kudos to those in Creature Entertainment for trying to spark up what I've been hearing will happen "any minute now" for 15 years.

I dig the short film, though batman looks way to young. :)

Also, it would have been funny if he cut off the ear on the batman's mask.

I'll have to look up the rest of their work.

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