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Bitter Balcony supports Brandon Routh.

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Sure, we here at Bitter Balcony are bitter about a lot of things, but when we comes to actors we do agree that Brandon Routh did do an admirable job as Superman. Zod knows it is not an easy task to fill the shoes of Christopher Reeves in the role of Superman. He hasn't done much in the way of good films, but he was in "Scott Pilgrim VS the World", which we liked, so that does give him some credit we guess.

Now it seems he's giving a shot at TV. Sure, Syfy and their name change are weak, but the show based on "Dylan Dog", an Italian comic book, which in turn spawned the great (in a cheesy way) "Cemetery Man".

While this show is not "Cemetery Man" it does seem to have its own level of fun (not to mention being more loyal to the source material than the film).

Either way, we hope that this keeps his career active through the next "Superman" film... whenever it happens.

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