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Bitter Balcony's Top Ten Guilty Pleasures Of The Decade(at Least John's)


Bitter Balcony's Top Ten Guilty Pleaures Of The Decade(at Least John's)

1. The Matrix Reloaded (2003):
I found the follow-up to Neo's adventures to be ambitious and rich in content. But everyone hated “The Matrix” sequels except me. Maybe too many ideas were thrown in. Did the Wachowski brothers bite off more than they could chew? That may likely be true, but I can't deny how thrilling the highway chase scene was to see on the big screen. And, with the exception of the poorly conceptualized rave in the cave, the movie still draws my interest. Sue me.

2. District B13 (2004):
The best action film of the decade came from some crazy French stunt men. It introduced us to parkour, the coolest alternative sporting skill that's more along the lines of performance art. “District B13” picks up where “Die Hard” and “Rambo” let off and gave spark to a genre that sorely needed it.

3. Casino Royale (2006):
"Casino Royale" is an odd choice to put as a guilty pleasure since it's a legitimately a solid film. The 007 franchise doesn't have that many great or even good films so wasn't it a treat for Bond fans to actually get a film that could stir substance as well as martinis? Plus, Daniel Craig's brooding pit bull-in-a-tux interpretation of Britain's top spy is one of the coolest performances of this era.

4. Thank You For Smoking (2005):
Tobacco spin doctor Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart) could convince a ward filled with lung cancer patients to take a drag off a cigarette; he's that good. Jason Reitman's first film uses Naylor's sharp tongue to humorously explore the hypocrisies of political lobbying, the media and vice.

5. Ichi The Killer (2001):
Takashi Miike's homage to reckless violence is so excessive that it butchers the line between disturbing and silly with every gouged body part Ichi slashes out of his enemies. For its potential stupidity, “Ichi the Killer” is the one movie from the decade to showcase violence as a philosophy. And in a very sick way, that's beautiful.

6. La Comunidad (2000):
Immoral, perverted, and saucy, "La Communidad" is Spanish director Alex De La Iglesia's dark comedy of incivility and greed among the residents of an average commonwealth. The great Carmen Maura goes against her new neighbors over fortune found in a dead man's room, and the extremes both sides go to attain the money is ridiculously funny and utterly tragic. If Hitchcock had met the Farrelly brothers in their prime, "La Communidad" would be their lovechild.

7. Old School (2003):
Any movie that makes "Total Eclipse From The Heart" into a male bonding anthem is the shit. Enough said.

8. The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (2004):
"The Life Aquatic" is Wes Anderson's most polarizing film. I've had discussions with people who found it to lack to simplicity and heart from his smaller films, "Bottle Rocket" or "Rushmore.” "The Life Aquatic" is a bigger film in many ways and it might also fall into self-parody for Anderson. But I still feel strongly that in the heart of its adventure lies a bittersweet tale of a Man looking into his mortality and the legacy he leaves behind. While the scope and budget got larger, Anderson's themes are still wonderfully intimate. Besides, how cool was Seu Jorge improvising David Bowie in Portuguese.

9. Anchorman (2004):
Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) is a megalomaniac, sexist idiot whose brass earns him the post as head anchor of a San Diego news station during the 1970s. He and his co-worker’s world is shaken when the intelligent upstart Veronica (Christina Applegate) challenges Burgundy for his post and his heart. A farcical view of the male ego hierarchy in the dawn of the feminist movement and the immature camaraderie that carries this comedy is proof that whether we sport thick mustaches or not, boys will be boys.
10. Shaun Of The Dead (2004):
Edgar Wright's zombie satire is so good that it could easily be in any Top 20 list for this decade. The movie’s mixture of comedy and drama would make George Romero envious. Simon Pegg became a star as the laid-back slacker Shaun, and his paring with Nick Frost as adorable loser Ed is one of the best buddy tandems I can think of.

Source of the Bitter: John Rojas

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Ryan on Wed, 12/16/2009 - 5:46pm

The Matrix Reloaded? Really?

John Rojas on Wed, 12/16/2009 - 6:05pm

I can't help it, Ryan. That's why it's a guilty pleasure.

Que on Wed, 12/16/2009 - 7:01pm

I'd call matrix reloaded a 'crash of my momentum'... the original was too good I know there is a crash but I have to walk in.

after I survived the dancing i felt my body was empty shell and my soul left me to the toilet and got stuck vomiting.

John Rojas on Sat, 12/19/2009 - 10:53am

I guess Matrix 2 is not part of your menu!

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