Black Swan review [Black Swan version]

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, Black Swan 2010Mark Heyman,Andres HeinzDarren AronofskyMila Kunis,Natalie Portman,Vincent Cassell Bitter,Bitterometer,meter Black Swan(2010)

Nina practices ballet real hard. Nina gets role she’s been practicing for. Nina is barely pressured to do a good job. Nina looses it because, well, who freaking knows? Her mom’s an ass and her instructor wants her to do a good job, but there isn’t a reason there beyond Nina’s own neurosis.

Needless to say this Bitter Swan was not impressed. Aronofsky’s decision to direct this in the style of ‘70s horror sounds good on paper, but all we get are some awful shot selection, mediocre lighting, and 20 too many shots of the back of someone’s head while they walk. It’s incredibly uninteresting and bores the audience. It would have been better to direct this in a beautifully shot high art style and had the horror/violence in stark contrast to the rest of the film.

Natalie Portman, as Nina Sayers, proves that she is talented enough to carry a movie with a terrible narrative and misguided direction. If she weren’t in this film it would have ended up yet another Hollywood film that made one angry for wasting 90 minutes of their life on it. Mila Kunis’ role is undeveloped and tiny. Why in the world, besides a half-assed lesbian scene, there was a big stink about her being in this role and how great it was is beyond this reviewer.

In the end, the movie fails to entertain as most of it is on the boring side. It fails to tell us why the characters do what they do and act like they act. It fails to be something better like it should have been when considering the talent within. This film is a black mark on Aronofsky’s otherwise solid career.

Oh, one last thing… Winona Ryder is in it… Yeah, we didn’t care either.


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