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Blade Runner sequel confirmed... Thoughts and theories follow...

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Today is an interesting day… It was confirmed that the “Blade Runner” prequel is in fact a sequel that won’t star Harrison Ford. We had hoped that the sequels (though we prefer just the one film and no sequels) would have used K.W. Jeter’s sequel novels as a basis for the future films. As it turns out, the next protagonist will be a woman. This could be the sequel novel “Eye and Talon” which while we admit sounds interesting, we have yet to read the novel – not easy to get in the states though we have it now. Nothing has been confirmed except that it is a sequel and a woman will head up the cast. Also, Ridley Scott will direct and the original writer will be writing the screenplay. These things all sound promising, but we are talking about a sequel to a film that really doesn’t need anything in way of a sequel or prequel.

For those who haven’t read “Edge of Human”, “Replicant Night” and/or “Eye and Talon” give them a read at your earliest convenience. They truly are great sequels to the original film and add a fair amount to the mythos created by Scott and crew.

In the meantime, hope that this movie maintains “Blade Runner” aesthetic and what we see as “Prometheus” coolness.

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