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Blockbuster files for bankruptcy... next month

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It's hardly a surprise, but Blockbuster has announced that that they will file for bankruptcy so they can shed about 1,000 stores and clear up 1 billion dollars of debt. This could potentially be one more example of how the film world is moving further and further online be it for rentals or purchases. Time will tell, but our money is that Netfilx has the right idea and will be around for quite some time.

Here is a bit of the report from Kotaku, "According to "people who have been briefed on the matter", Blockbuster has already begun meeting with Hollywood's big movie studios to discuss the move, which its hoped will help them restructure $1 billion in debt and allow the company to get out of leases on around 500 of its stores."

Blockbuster perhaps your time is up. The late fees that sustain those stores are no longer acceptable and there are plenty other alternatives.

Good luck to those looking for work in this economy, and we mean that sincerely.

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