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CineBistro or How I Need a Stimulus Package For My Moviegoing Habit


Cobb CineBistro:

My love for the movie theater is going to force me to get a loan. At least, that's if I become a frequent customer of Cobb's upscale venue CineBistro, a premier movie-watching experience where ushers wear bow ties and box-office cashiers give service with a smile. Of course, at $14.50 a ticket, one would hope service to be like a stay at the Copacabana - with at least a chocolate mint placed on each seat.

CineBistro’s seats are leather-bound booths so large and wide that you will feel like you’re the captain of the USS Enterprise. The booths have a cup holder that fits all sizes and a food stand perfectly measured for the gourmet entrees and desserts on the menu (sorry, Gummi Bears, your stickily stains are not welcome here). The booths are placed in a stadium-seating arrangement, numbered and assigned (almost as if you where going to rock out to Journey in a hockey arena).

And like most fans of arena rock, customers have to be over 21 to buy a ticket, so you won't have to worry about some tween ruining your movie shrieking “He’s so hot!’ when Zac Efron is on screen. If an occasional chatty tries to be heard, they’re likely to be drowned out by the potent digital surround audio, recalling the days when THX first blasted our ears. The sound quality is matched by the flawless picture from the digital HD screen - neck and neck with IMAX, but without IMAX's huge screen.

Best of all, CineBistro had a full-service bar at their disposal, which comes in handy after watching “Surrogates” (I should have hit the sauce before the showing).

CineBistro seals the deal in the dinner-and-a-movie dating planner. Hey, there's even valet parking to give your special someone that sure-fire aphrodisiac VIP treatment (it'll get you laid).

Cobb Theaters, acting on the declining number of moviegoers 35 and up, created CineBistro as a place where comfort and service will make a night at the movies memorable. Personally, the amenities offered are hard to be cynical about; this is the closest I'll come to enjoying a premiere the way Roland Emmerich does. Too bad most of the films on the marquee are Emmerich's or just as bad. For all the benefits that CineBistro has, it doesn't compensate paying that amount of money.

However, what got me thinking is sadly, the movie itself has become inconsequential. It seems Cobb Theaters understands this and has found a way to enhance the event, strictly for a mature crowd that doesn't want to deal with teenagers or long lines. For $14.50, the price is steep, but as a social or even business engagement, it provides a casual yet chic night out.

As for pure film fans, I advise you to be selective about the movie should you decide to watch it, unless you want to impress a really hot date. Or you'll end up not only bitter, but broke like me.

For Information on how you can spent your small amount of disposable income, go to www.cobbcinebistro.com

Source of the Bitter: John Rojas

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Que on Mon, 10/19/2009 - 4:54pm

not sure which way is harder, finding a worthy relationship that last 10 years and onwards, or a worthy film.

John Rojas on Wed, 10/21/2009 - 11:02am

True, man.

Que on Tue, 10/13/2009 - 3:23pm

Charging 2.5 times of normal tickets, sitting in a leather lounge with drinks in your hand is rather over-rated. I guess if I want to impress a girl and try to get lucky I (should) have other moves under my sleeve. after all, you spend the ticket juice for just sitting there... shouldnt women be more interested in 'conversation'? I think rather for your hot-date, the theatre is for 10 years anniversary -- the event you should celebrate but you really rather not to talk to each other.

I myself, however, have been looking for a film that is gold class worthy but so far I got nothing.

John Rojas on Thu, 10/15/2009 - 4:34pm

I agree with you but Miami is all about showing off your goods, nature of the beach, I guessa. Hopefully we will find women worthy of a ten year anniversary date at this theatre, or at least a worthy film.

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