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Dating and Movie Watching Part 3: To continue or retire?

Dating and Movie Watching Part 3: To continue or retire?,Bitter Balcony, review, movie revieww, movie, bitter
Dating and Movie Watching Part 3: To continue or retire?

So what have we learned?  In the last two chapters (one and two), I've written that you can’t rely on movie trailers to tell you if the film is good or not.  You have to look past the gloss and the loud music to see if there is any quality in the film.
When I’m reading the first email from the woman I’m about to meet, all the negatives are left out.  All I am left with is the components of their personality that can make them seem like the ideal candidate.

Believe me: I am realistic and willing to compromise. I know I can’t l be unrealistic with my expectations, but I do ask that the advertised movie and the end product be at least similar in looks and content.  I don’t need to know all the good within the first 90 seconds of the trailer and I don’t need to be exposed to all the bad.  Give me enough to be intrigued and let me discover the rest on my own.
So, do I stop watching movies and/or dating based on how bad both scenes are? No: I wouldn’t be content with never seeing a movie again or never dating again, so I’ll have to keep “eating my own feet,” as Que says.  I’ll deal with all the bad until I reach that one experience that reminds me why I allow myself to be continually disappointed to begin with.  The only thing I ask for is that I don’t have to sit through too many stinkers before finding the one that’s worth it.

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