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The Deadline to write crap! Deadline review.


“Deadline” (2009)

Wow! “Deadline” is one of the most annoying, flat and boring movies it’s been our misfortune to watch. Let's give the synopsis in the form of a pitch meeting for this movie, shall we?

Mr. Director: Hi there, I’m Mr. Director. What I think we need to do with this film is have an actress move into a creepy cabin – people love those – and have her watch videos of some jackass who is obsessed with his girlfriend. You with me? See, although there are no dates on the videos, somehow our protagonist watches the videos in the CORRECT order. Then she starts to lose it. You know, because that's what happens to writers in cabins.

Mr. Producer: Are you sure that always happens?

Mr. Director: Of course! It's not like writers lock themselves in cabins and write “American Beauty” or anything. Anyway, there will be an utterly lame twist at the end that makes the whole film as annoying as it is pointless. What do you think?

We know the answer was "yes" because somehow this movie got the green light. What they should have done is light the film on fire and flogged writer/director Sean McConville.

Basically we get 89 minutes of the late Brittany Murphy being spooked for nothing and having vague conversations on the phone. Throw in Thora Birch trying to show us that women love guys who are obsessed with videotaping how disgruntled they are with the opposite sex. The performances are as bland as the story. Murphy watches videos and tries to looks spooked; Birch tries to act like she’s in distress; and Marc Blucas looks more bored than obsessed.

There are two moments at the end that make no sense whatsoever, but at that point we lost just about all our brain cells, so who cares.

The direction is lame and every scene is poorly lit and stretched out. And if it weren't for that stretching, "Deadline" would run a god-awful 10 minutes instead to the suicide-inducing 89.

Movies like this should only be made by students, because, after all, they're only amateurs. And only their mothers would have to watch them.




Directed by: Sean McConville
Written by: Sean McConville
Cast: Brittany Murphy, Thora Birch, Marc Blucas

Source of the Bitter: JAS

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