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El Espinazo Del Diablo aka The Devil's Backbone [User Review]


Wow, I clearly remember the day this film was released in theaters. I made sure to be at the first showing of the day and I was not disappointed. I really didn't know what to expect, whether it would be a straight ahead ghost/horror story or something with a little more meat on its bones. The film is set in Spain during a civil war at an orphanage run by a one-legged headmistress and a doctor sympathetic to left-wing ideals. They take in orphans from the families of the left-wing Republicans and are able to make a living through the selling of rum from the well in the basement of one the buildings of the orphanage. The main character of the film, Carlos, has been abandoned by his tutor to the orphanage. The usual, new kid has to be accepted and deal with bullies come into play at this point. Where it changes is with his encounter with the ghost of a young boy who is adamant about telling him something. I don't really want to go too deep and give away anymore than I already have, but there is some gold involved, an evil caretaker and an un-detonated bomb that lies in the middle of the courtyard as well as the ghost's claims that "Many of you will die." Let me mention one last thing, Guillermo Del Toro's idea was that the day shots look like a Sergio Leone film and that the night shots looks like a Mario Bava film. Mission accomplished.

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John Rojas on Mon, 08/17/2009 - 11:33am

Nicely done, burger beast! Thanks for the solid review on a great film and for your collaboration. -JR