Exit Through the Gift Shop or "Friends, don't let Friends do Art!"

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Thierry Guetta, protagonist in “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” the “documentary” by graffiti artist Banksy, is the personification of the overbearing European turned instant celebrity that Roberto Bengini embedded in American audiences forever. A vintage clothing shop owner turned impromptu filmmaker; Guetta is irrevocably unaware and obnoxiously compulsive. However, Guetta has an underdog quality that propels him when he happens to stumble into the contemporary Street Art movement. Guetta films the artistic escapades of Street Art heroes Space Invader and Shepard Fairey. His journey leads him to the movement’s most obscure artist, the notorious Banksy (Banksy goes as far to conceal his indentity that he hides he face in an enlarged hoodie and distorts his voice).

Eventually, the persistent Frenchman manages to join Banksy’s worldwide art raid, compiling countless hours of Street Art’s brand of vandalism and unfiltered expression. Unfortunately for this group of artists, Guetta persistence is matched by his lack of talent. Void of cohesion or esthetic comprehension, Guetta manages to condense his unlogged footage into a documentary that seems to have been edited by a five year old with ADD. Even worse, Guetta embarks on his own creative ambitions, met with hesitation by Banksy, who appears to regret igniting Guetta’s aspirations.

“Exit Through the Gift Shop” may be the first documentary dedicated to Street Art, but is really a prank on the pretentious art world that is so inconspicuously executed, everyone seems to fall for the punch line. However, the joke could be very well on director Banksy himself, who sees Guetta’s insipid artwork turn heads with hipsters and collectors alike. While Guetta's victory seems to embody Rocky Balboa, Banksy's fool's fortune story turns Guetta into an en vogue Chance the Gardener. While Bitter Balcony is not sure what is real and what is counterfeit about this film, we can safely say that Andy Warhol’s ghost is grinning at Banksy’s ode to shallowness.


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Exit Through the Gift Shop

Exit Through the Gift ShopBanksyThierry Guetta,Banksy,Shepard Fairey,Space Invader  Exit Through the Gift ShopBanksyThierry Guetta,Banksy,Shepard Fairey,Space Invader  Exit Through the Gift ShopBanksyThierry Guetta,Banksy,Shepard Fairey,Space Invader 

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