Frankenweenie rises from the dead! Or at least he's back from the archives.

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, Frankenweenie 2012Tim BurtonWinona Ryder,Michael Keaton,Martin Landau,Martin Short,Atticus ShafferTim Burton Bitter,Bitterometer,meter Frankenweenie(2012)

Tim Burton returns to making movies that truly fit him. Movies that are not remakes, but original ideas. Sure this is actually a remake, but as a remake of his work and ideas I let it slide. Burton has proved that he can make great films, but if you look at his pedigree and compare what is good and what is bad you are likely to see that the man is horrible at remakes of other people’s stories. He tends to miss the point more often than not. Thankfully, “Frankenweenie” doesn’t end up on the same side as “Alice in Wonderland.”

Victor is a young boy who is a tad antisocial and would rather spend his time with his charismatic pup, Sparky. During a baseball game Sparky enthusiastically chases a homerun ball into the streets and is ended. Victor, grief-ridden, chooses to dig up his dog and resurrect his pup with the use of electricity. Of course, he fails to keep his successful experiment secret, but it doesn’t last and soon the town is in danger because of the science Victor has created.

The film is well made. The story doesn’t hit too many speed bumps and generally moves from point A to B smoothly. The direction is solid with some well-shot scenes. The 3D is completely useless, just like it was when Burton tacked it on last minute to his horrid remake of “Alice in Wonderland.” Thankfully, there is a 2D version also showing in theaters.

The voice acting by Winona Ryder (Where has she been, amirite?), Michael Keaton, Martin Landau, Martin Short and Atticus Shaffer ranges from good to solid. Each voice fits the character well and none of them, even the overly cartoony Mr. Rzykruski (Landau) ever feel wrong.

All in all, this film is worth watching. It’s entertaining throughout and will inspire you to come home to your dog and give him a hug, at least it did for me.

Frankenweenie2012Tim BurtonWinona Ryder,Michael Keaton,Martin Landau,Martin Short,Atticus ShafferTim Burton  Frankenweenie2012Tim BurtonWinona Ryder,Michael Keaton,Martin Landau,Martin Short,Atticus ShafferTim Burton 

Directed by:
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