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Is "Green Zone" worth your green?


Green Zone (2010)

Bored with “Bourne,” Damon and Greengrass decide to jump headfirst into the beginning of the Iraq war. There’s jumping, dodging and political finger-wagging, but is it any good?

They set of on the rocky road (HA!) using the Iraq war to tell the tale of Miller (Matt Damon) and the U.S. governments lies. Miller slowly oversteps his boundaries as he gathers intel which shows the US government might be up to something shady. This builds up to Paul Greengrass’ shaky camera shootouts.

Performances are good and don't drag the film down, but the situations are a bit… fake. Damon’s Miller lacks depth. He's a guy who wants to do the right thing, but it's his only motive and it's two-dimensional.

Direction is a mixed bag. Greengrass tries to shoot realistically, but then throws in a tad too much action or shakes the camera slightly too much. Storytelling is good, though pacing and shot selection, but there isn’t much there to tell.

The movie entertains, but here at Bitter Balcony we wonder if the Iraq war will ever make for interesting movies? Should they wait 15 to 20 years? Should propaganda, however light, be left for another age? We’re starting to think that these tales may never be all they are hoped to be.

This reviewer wants to like the "Bourne" series, but between making "Green Zone" or another "Bourne" film we kind of wish they went with the latter.




Directed by: Paul Greengrass
Written by: Brian Helgeland Book by: Rajiv Chandrasekaran
Cast: Matt Damon, Yigal Nagor, Said Faraj

Source of the Bitter: JAS

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