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Here we go again... Ferris Beuller is getting a remake - better call it a de-make


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Because pissing all over our memories of “Karate Kid”, "Red Dawn" and all the other countless remakes wasn’t enough Hollywood wants to show us how insignificant being a fan of something original can be. How are they doing this you ask? They are remaking (read: de-making) “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off”.

Let us ask ourselves now, “What the F**K is f**king wrong with f**king Hollywood? What? WHAT!?!”

Seriously, at this point Hollywood execs should be shot in the face for the mere mention of remaking ANYTHING.

Dear Hollywood moneymen jackasses, Stop. Just stop! Hire all the starving “real” talent that is out there and stop eating shit with the remake bullshit.




If you want to hear how the "oh, so talented" Broderick actually gives this de-make his blessing, read the SOURCE and be shocked and awed at how quickly the industry can take a nosedive straight down to the lamest pits of hell.

Source of the Bitter: JAS

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