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Infestation... on Hollywood or is it any good?


Infestation (2009)

Yes, it's true: Hollywood still suffers from an “Infestation” of bad movies.

A slacker on the verge of getting fired hears a shrieking noise that makes everyone pass out. He then wakes up to find he and his office mates sedated and wrapped in webbing. Yes, your initial suspicions are correct. The giant insect film is back. Like using a bargain-brand bug spray, this genre springs to life every couple years. And in typical Hollywood fashion, the slacker must rise to the occasion and become a MAN.

Chris Marquette stars in “Infestation” and keeps it from becoming a big bore. Brooke Nevin does a decent job, but the rest of the cast is bland. Ray Wise ("Twin Peaks") is charismatic, but the film doesn’t do anything with that.

The movie isn't a pain to sit through, but there's nothing to write home to mama about. Director Kyle Rankin also penned the screenplay and with the exception of strange, subtle motivation for some of the characters, it's pretty standard.

"Infestation" isn't boring, but we would like our 91 minutes back. We aren’t super bitter about it though.

The ending is irritating if you don’t hear the director commentary where Rankin explains what we don’t see and confesses that he’d like to make two more of these (because everything has to be a trilogy, you know). He also wants to title the sequel “Infestation: Buzz Kill." Sigh.




Directed by: Kyle Rankin
Written by: Kyle Rankin
Cast: Chris Marquette, Brook Nevin, Kinsey Packard, Wesley Thompson, Ray Wise

Source of the Bitter: JAS

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