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The Iron Man 2 Addendum

Iron Man 2 (2010),Bitter Balcony, review, movie revieww, movie, bitterIron Man 2 (2010) Addendum

Bitter Balcony recently received a great review from Que, which we agree with, but after watching “Iron Man 2,” there's more bitter to be spoken of. So here we go:

Who thinks Justin Theroux should have written “Iron Man 2”? He wrote “Tropic Thunder" and while that was funny, it doesn’t mean this guy should have written “Iron Man 2.” As you watch the movie you get the sensation (while somehow still being entertained, kudos to Favreau and cast) of walking through mud. There is never a well-defined villain and the story makes dismissible leaps. Characters are thrown in a big batch of nonsense that never lets them grow.

Tony Stark’s character is entertaining, but his character never grows. His relationship with Potts seems forced and while it’s basically Stark chasing the only tail that resists him, it is also the only mother figure he has, which seems to be missing in his life. The romance that was hinted at in the first one seems pretty flat in the sequel.

There are far too many characters in this movie. We realize Marvel wants to force “Avengers” down our throats every chance they get. But it isn't necessary to have “Avengers” intrude so much that it ruins the movie. Black Widow is utterly useless and the Samuel L./Nick Fury novelty is wearing thin.

Hammer the most incompetent star-wannabe, lacking charisma and barely menacing enough to be the villain. Ivan may be the real villain or maybe not. He’s only in the movie long enough to give Iron Man some headaches. You never really get a sense of whom you should be rooting against in "Iron Man 2", so you just don't root at all.

The idea of “weaponizing” an Iron Man suit is like weaponizing a machine gun. Um, it's a machine gun and it's already a weapon.

P.S. Stan Lee should stay home. He's not funny and no one cares about his lame cameos anymore.

Source of the Bitter: JAS

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Que on Wed, 05/19/2010 - 10:09pm

Just need to make this clear - that I never liked IM 1 much and I never took the movie very seriously. as matter of fact, the movie didn’t take itself very seriously. So while it is not Batman DarkKnight, it is not Batman and Robin neither.
I have a tendency not to take comic-turned-movies very seriously. As long as it serves as a good popcorn event it is good for me. It is only bad when I either through popcorn to the screen or just wanting to walk out.
Different threshold, right?

JAS on Wed, 05/19/2010 - 10:20pm

True, but with a few adjustments and a lot less Avengers this movie could have been entertaining AND a good one story-wise.

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