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John's very late Top Films of 2010 List, because I'm lazy.

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Well, it took about two weeks into 2011 to pile up five films of 2010. Honestly, perhaps laziness played a role for me to just come up with five, for some reason I didn’t hit the theater as much as I would’ve liked. Anyways, here’s my end of the top five:

1. A Serbian Film: A nightmare of perversity, this movie shocked me not for its explosion of violence and sex crimes, but for the context in which these acts are presented. The movie’s extremism will definitely turn many off, but if you can handle the atrocities "A Serbian Film" is driven by, you will find a profound tragedy of Shakespeareian scale.

2. The Social Network: David Fincher’s examination of the 21st century’s most relevant internet empire Facebook. Fincher is cold and calculating in bringing this rites of passage tale. Perhaps the point of "The Social Network" is that even in a world that counts on laptops as our means of engagement, betrayal, disappointment and loneliness are just as relevant as ever.

3. The Fighter: David O. Russell explores the blue collar roots of Lowell, Massachusetts through each blow landed on its favorite son, boxing legend Mickey Ward. Grounded and tough, this is the film that should’ve been titled "True Grit."

4. Exit through the Gift Shop: Street Artist Banksy’s documentary is one of the greatest pranks pulled in a movie that I can recall. The movie’s depiction of how your art is only as good as you hype it out to be, Banksy’s dry humor should at least squeeze a chuckle from even the most dishearten artist.

5. Inception: The most intriguing and original blockbuster of 2010, Christopher Nolan journeys into the intricacies of the mind. Fun and smart, Nolan dazzles us in ways only Spielberg did in his heyday.

P.S: I would like to add honorable mentions for "Black Swan," "Kick-Ass," "127 Hours" and "True Grit." If I would’ve seen a few more movies for comparison, the list would be longer. Hey, those are the realities of an extremely busy (part time) blogger. Thanks to all you guys who supported us in 2010 and hope to catch you in this New Year.

Top Five Films of 2010  Top Five Films of 2010  Top Five Films of 2010  Top Five Films of 2010  Top Five Films of 2010 

Source of the Bitter: John Rojas

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