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Grown Ups (2010)

All I had to hear about this movie is that it's an Adam Sandler movie. Typical, tired trash that gets churned out over and over for some damn reason. I don't understand why anyone in Hollywood thinks it's a good idea to make another movie using the same cast as all of the other Adam Sandler movies. Not only are the cast members the same, the story line is the same, the characters are the same, the jokes are the same. There's a term used in economics, point of diminishing returns. I think Adam Sandler and Will Farrell movies are getting to the point where it won't be worth making another. (or so I hope)

I've watched a lot of sucky movies in my life. I don't always intend on forcing myself to watch bad movies, it just happens. Usually, I sit, waiting for the next scene that I know will make the movie good. Sometimes it comes, sometimes I find myself reading the credits going, “what the hell just happened?” Regardless, it's that possibility of a good ending or epic scene that won't let me turn off a movie part way through...until now. I swear, I could turn off this movie at ANY point and not even spend one microsecond on what I might be missing. Normally, I enjoy writing in depth, but this dog vomit doesn't deserve it.

Basically, the movie starts in 1978 with Adam Sandler and friends as 12 year-olds playing in a championship basketball game. They win, celebrate and receive a powerful lesson in life by their coach. Fast forward 30 years, they get notice that the coach had just died and the 5 friends (now with families) get together for the funeral and rent a lake house to stay at for a week. Obviously, everyone has issues with their life, family and marriage. One short week later, all is well and everybody lives happily ever after.

77% of the movie is spent watching the 5 main characters rip on each other and the other 23% is spent hoping that nobody actually got paid for writing the script. Just take 5 guys, tell them to rip on each other and start recording. Add in some wives and a few ridiculous situations and you have it, another pile of compacted trash.

Normally, I would absolutely avoid anything with Adam Sandler. My wife was having a bad day, so I decided to suffer through it with her. Now I'm having a bad day.

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