"Kill Me Later" No, better to just do it now

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Shawn (Selma Blair) is taken hostage by bank robber Charlie (Max Beesley) – only she was about to kill herself anyway. Har har. The wit doesn't stop as Charlie generously offers to kill her once he gets away scot-free. And in Hollywood, this means spending time together. And when any man and woman in a shitty film spend more than five minutes together they fall in love. So begins “Kill Me Later.”

Selma Blair is just plain bored in nearly every role she's in. Thankfully, Max Beesley is there to save the day, right? Right? Alas, no. In just two movies, Beesley’s managed to become an actor Bitter Balcony would be happy not to see on film again. There is nothing worse than someone hamming up the charisma he sadly lacks. The accent may by charming to some, but we’re not fooled.

Dana Lustig does what he can with this film, but the cast is tiresome and the screenplay is a snoozer that should have been used as a headrest for kindling. The film reeks of mediocrity – amd we’re being nice.

The soundtrack in “Kill Me Later” distracts from the film (which could almost be a good thing) as it loops far past when it should have stopped.

After wasting 105 minutes of our lives, we can firmly say that there is nothing here worth your time. Both Selma Blair and Mac Beesley should take early retirement and stop contaminating movies.

P.S. This movie is so terrible there aren't even decent embedable trailers or images we can link to.


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