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Lobo gets director, will make us a bunch of bitter bastidges.


Well, look at that Guy Ritchie has landed himself the Lobo movie. Yay, right? Well, at least Lobo will still be a man and won’t be played by Madonna. So what is the issue then?

Lobo is a character know for violence and some made up foul language (i.e. Bastidges and Farg). The guy is an alien who mutilated his entire planet/kind. He gets blown up and torn in half from time to time, no big deal. Lobo can't die because those in charge of Heaven and Hell don't want him. Are you getting the picture now? The guy is violent, violence happens to him and he loves every minute.

All this should lead to a big fat rated NC-17 or a toned down R. What is Warner Bros. planning on giving us? They plan on a PG-13 movie. This is the kind of crap that should start riots. You have a fun adult character and the studio understands so little of him that they want to push a flat dull version of it onto unsuspecting teens.

Keith Griffin, Lobo’s creator, has said that he is cautiously optimistic, but spoke badly in the past about the studio’s understanding of the character (can’t find link). Then again, he could be saying this because he knows he’s got a big fat check coming his way.

This movie will get our hopes up then flop like a big fat dead fish. How surprising.

As a fun side note here is a fan film made of Lobo that’s pretty slick (just ignore the odd pacing). It’s about the Easter Bunny hiring Lobo to kill Santa Claus. Note: Watch it before the WB pulls the sucker.

Source of the Bitter: JAS

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Que on Mon, 09/07/2009 - 3:46pm

haven't heard of anything from guy Ritchie for very long time, since, ... Snatch? (I am not sure about Sherlock Sherlock Holmes and havnt seen it) Interested to see what else he can pump out now, since the excuse of marriage-donna is over.

If things go alright, then Lobo will be at lease funny... and Vennie Jones will be in it. not that those things will make a difference, anyway.

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