Lookout: Cashback - You won't want it back because this one is a good one!

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There is something about an introspective film that reaches feelings we store in ourselves: regret, love, love lost. "Cashback" grazes over those feelings without disturbing them and lets us connect to the film’s protagonist all with one stroke. But the film isn't all drama and sadness. Romantic and comic moments help lighten the load and "Cashback" never ventures into the Overbearing Zone.

Sean Ellis originally wrote this as a short film and won an Academy Award for it to boot. When approached to make a new film, he decided he wanted to take a week to add to the short film’s script, so he could turn it into a feature-length film, using the footage from the short. This is a brilliant move because the time to complete the film was shortened considerably as was the
budget. He was also able to keep the great cast from the short film - and all make each scene worth watching.

The star of the show, Ben (Sean Biggerstaff) is an art-school student. When his girlfriend, played by Suzy (Michelle Ryan), dumps him he becomes an insomniac who can't overcome his
regret. He takes get a night job at a local grocery store where he meets a funny cast of characters. The antics of Barry (Michael Dixon), Matt (Michael Lambourne), and Brian "Kung-fu" (Marc Pickering) as they try to keep themselves busy during the grueling eight-hour shift get laughs every time. Emilia Fox, as Sharon, gives a great performance, too.

Direction is top notch and the musical score by Guy Farley might be too good for a low budget film. Between the above and the beautiful photography we can’t help but be drawn into the film.

Gents, don’t be scared off by the "romance" mentioned above. Even the toughest of mountain men can watch it without fear of loosing their


Cashback2006Sean EllisSean Ellis  Cashback2006Sean EllisSean Ellis  Cashback2006Sean EllisSean Ellis  Cashback2006Sean EllisSean Ellis 

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