For Lovers Only... Yeah, maybe not.

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, For Lovers Only 2010Mark PolishMichael PolishMark Polish,Stana Katic Bitter,Bitterometer,meter For Lovers Only(2010)

A few weeks ago I read about a film that sold quite the number of copies. It was shot on one Canon 5D Mark II and had no budget. I emailed myself the link, so that I could check it out when I had the time and thought it would be a cool movie to watch. So few feature films are made with no budget that it could have been something special. What I witnessed was not what I would have hoped for.

For starters, “For Lovers Only” is not a proper name for this film. If the people who should watch it are romantics then we should probably split romantics into two categories:

1. The kind of romantic that appreciates the person they are with. They are there for that person and discover a deep attachment that transcends most other attachments. Someone who stirs up intense positive emotions that move them to want to be with the person they are in love with for the rest of their days. For instance, people who enjoy “After Sunset”.

2. The romantics that have a completely damaged sense of what romance is and think that constantly suffering or fighting way too hard for something is acceptable. These people find “Twilight” and “Time Traveler’s Wife” as romantic despite the fact that they are essentially woman being abused by men (indirectly) yet feel compelled to fight for it despite all the evidence that they should walk out the door and not trap themselves in misery.

“For Lovers Only” is meant for the second of the two descriptions. I tremble at the thought that people think a film about two unhappy people, who clearly want to be unhappy all their lives, having an adulterous love affair can be seen as romance. There is nothing romantic about leaving your spouse behind to run around France in six too many music video sessions while your wife/husband is calling your agent to track you down.

Where some people might call this a tale of helpless love, I see a tale of two people who are too stupid to help themselves and can resist the urge on stepping on a land mine despite knowing exactly what will happen.

There are a few shots here and there that are well composed, but the story is paper thin and at best should have been a short film. Did I mention the six too many music video moments? The male lead (his acting, not criticizing the actual man here) is so pretentious and self-interested that the sight and sound of him is annoying. When the female lead (again the character, not the actress) isn’t being overly dramatic she is OK. Ultimately, the film is not one to watch if you fall into the first category mentioned above. The one thing I took away from this film is simple…

This is not romance.


For Lovers Only2010Mark PolishMichael PolishMark Polish,Stana Katic  For Lovers Only2010Mark PolishMichael PolishMark Polish,Stana Katic  For Lovers Only2010Mark PolishMichael PolishMark Polish,Stana Katic  For Lovers Only2010Mark PolishMichael PolishMark Polish,Stana Katic 

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