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MIFFF recap - Festival review

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Last weekend the Balcony, well JAS anyway, ventured off the balcony and into the wild. Otherwise known as MIFFF (Maelstrom Independent Fantastic Film Festival). While there we watched a host of short films and 3 feature films. Sadly, we weren't there the entire weekend, but are happy to announce that it was a splendid time with other genre film fans.

Short film topics covered of Horror, Action & Science Fiction, Fantasy and Animated Shorts. Notable entries (of the ones we caught) include:

"Porque Hay Cosas Que Nunca Se Olvidan" by Lucas M. Figueroa about the dangers that await a group of kids who play soccer. Much like "Sandlot" this film had charismatic kids, a favorite sport and some good laughs. Official site.

"Two Men, Two Cows, Two Guns" a Canadian film by Padris Parker. Awkwardly hilarious this short film features a visitor and an odd situation that arises on an otherwise quiet day on the farm. Official site.

"Alice Jacob is Dead" by Alex Horwitz. This short takes place after a zombie apocalypse where a doctor tries to cure his wife of a zombie infection before she joins the ranks of the undead. It stars John La Zar and Adrienne Barbeau. Woot for Barbeau! Official site.

"ConLang" by Marta Alicia Masferrer, Dave Maulbec, Baldvin Ka'ri Sveinbjornsson cracked us up with its nerdy humor and well timed jokes. Klingon, Elfish and a unique language help prove just how nerdy nerds can be. Official site.

"Manual Pra'ctico Del Amigo Imaginario (Abreviado)" by Ciro Altaba's and Inigo Diaz-Guardamino gave us a comedic behind the scenes look at the struggle of an imaginary friend to stay employed. Watch the film here.

As for the feature films we saw:

"The Presence", a film we truly hope gets some serious Hollywood love. You can read our review HERE. Official site.

"Srpski Film" (A Serbian Film) proved that you can execute masterful filmmaking and horrify the audience in such a way that we are sure will have everyone who watches it swearing they hate it. The review for this film can be found HERE. Official site.

"Dark Souls" was the most disappointing of all the films, short and long. We'll have a review soon with all the bitter comments you are surely expecting.

All in all it was a great time and you can count on our presence there next year. Special thanks to the MIFFF team! They really put a lot of effort into selecting some fantastic films. Hollywood moneymen would be smart to attend festivals like this and see what good filmmaking is, because all signs point to the fact that they've forgotten.

Note: There were two filmmakers there to talk about their films. I'll post the pics as soon as I can find what folder I left them in. :)

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JAS on Thu, 09/30/2010 - 8:56pm

Good times

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