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Nolan’s Soooo Super: News on his Superman revamp and of course, Batman!


Nolan’s Soooo Super: News on his Superman revamp and of course, Batman!

DC Comics owes Christopher Nolan a huge debt of gratitude. The mind-bending British director has made Batman look better than ever, and now Warner Bros. has asked Nolan to oversee a new revision of the Man of Steel franchise. Nolan, who’s “Inception” will open in theaters this summer (check out our Inception Lookout here) has been in a decade long roll, producing quality work like “Memento”, “The Prestige”, and the previously mentioned Batman series.

Our hearts go out to Bryan Singer, however, since it is unlikely he will get to direct another Superman movie (.I wasn’t too fond of what Singer did for “Superman Returns” but Jas did like it. In Fairness, Singer might have deserved a second chance based on his own talents, but that’s the nature of the business). Anyways, Nolan’s crew of co-writer David S. Goyer and his wife and producer Emma Thomas are on board, so chances of getting a complex and enriching adventure for Kal-El looks good.

Also, Nolan talks about the ground works for the next Batman movie, which he indicates will have closure to the story. Nolan also pointed out that Bitter Balcony favorite Mr. Freeze will not be in the final chapter. I guess our beloved frozen scientist isn’t real enough for Nolan’s grounded Gotham. Oh, well, we will always have the underestimated “Batman: Sub-Zero” animated film to fall back on. We just have one request for Mr. Nolan: could you please appoint Adam West as Gotham’s Mayor in part three? No one messes with “Adam We”, my friend!

For More on Nolan, check out our source article from the L.A Times:



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