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Nooks and Crannies, Your next Superman is...a Brit!!!

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Young British actor Henry Cavill has been cast as the Man of Steel in the upcoming sequel "Superman: Man of Steel." Cavill has previous been in "Stardust," "The Count of Monte Cristo," and the cable drama "The Tudors." Like fellow countryman Andrew Garfield taking over the Spiderman role from American Tobey Maguire, Cavill will represent Truth, Justice, and the American Way as he replaces another American actor, Scott Pilgrim's vegan nemesis Brandon Routh. Look, Routh brought credibility to the role from the huge shadow of Christopher Reeve, not an easy task when you talk about the magnitude that the Superman role requires. Routh deserved another chance, and if you thought that "Superman Returns" sucked, trust me, he was the last of that movie's problems.

As for the whole patriotic diss Hollywood gave the Red, White, and Blue, yes, I would prefer Supes to be played by one of our own. However, if Cavill is really the best actor for the role, I won't be as snobby as those Harry Potter producers that can only have English thespians play wizards and sorcerers or whatever. My bigger concern is that the film needs to raise the stakes for Superman, not only with a villain that can match him blow for blow, but a story that can bring Superman's ideals of American nobility in collision with the nebulous reality of our current American life. Well, we can only hope for such risks. Just leave Lex Luthor on that island he was left on for this one.

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