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One Hello World - Soundtrack to your thoughts!

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We’ve all had those moments where we thought to ourselves, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a soundtrack to our lives?” Well, thanks to “One Hello World” we can! And not only that, but it is original to your story, too!

The idea here is that you call in and leave a story, observation or memory on a voicemail that is taken and has a musical score added to accompany it, keeping the mood of the story and/or enhancing it.

In the latest (as of this writing) story, a young woman mentions that she would love for the moment of your death to be like sitting in a drive-thru watching the moments of your life and making new realizations you may not have had while in the moment. This track is the best yet and is really touching in a way.

You can check it out the above track HERE or visit the site with the rest HERE.

We will make an effort to get an interview about this project.

Since Hollywood films have been so lackluster we suppose taking the idea of a score and applying it to another project can fill that void to a certain extent. We can’t be bitter about good works that are inspired by film.

Side note: This writer has plans on calling with a story sometime soon. :)

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