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Ponyo - Underrated & Under-Advertised [User Review] [User Review]

Ponyo Movie review Bitter BalconyFor most of Bitter Balcony’s readers hearing about "Ponyo" might not be exactly what they are hoping to read. However, I was impressed this heartwarming and highly creative Miyazaki film captures and expressively displays the joyful essence of youthful imagination.

Sure, it made it to the big screen. I saw the poster and I admit, I quickly forgot about the film.

Getting a moment to sit down and dedicate time towards watching a “kids movie” is time that is hard to come by. However if you enjoyed "My Neighbor Totoro" you will find that "Ponyo" and her cute habits are a great compliment to that sort of experience.

The story begins with a magical vision under the sea. Into the world that even the Little Mermaid has yet to see. Starts out with almost a Sci-Fi feeling as I was confused to what was happening yet settled into the fact that the scenery was enough to just sit back and relax. You follow what the main character Sousuke (Sos-kay) calls a goldfish and names Ponyo, who just happens to be the daughter of the Goddess of Mercy. Sousuke and Ponyo develop a relationship oddly refreshing as they are supported by the adults around them, a strong community as they go through the classic journey of becoming a hero, and learning about love.

Okay that is the warm and fuzzy, on the other hand speaking from a strictly artistic perspective you will be delighted and entertained watching scenes that seem beyond the scope of a story of two little kids. Colors, detail and creative elements that are truly original tell the underlying message of magic is pretty much everywhere. It may not be the best work of Miyazaki, however the story is told with an enthusiasm that I appreciate and wish would have been promoted a bit more.

If you have seen the film then you will understand why my favorite quote is “PONYO LOVES HAM!!”

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JAS on Mon, 05/03/2010 - 3:09pm

Thanks for the contribution, Lyndit! I'll put my two bitter cents in when I see it. I know John is not a Miyazaki fan, so he might be even bitterer about this movie.

Yeah, I said bitterer AND WHAT!?!

Que on Wed, 05/05/2010 - 6:33pm

have to say that I expected too much from this movie. after the 'spirit away' I though all the later production should be with same volume and quality... while some of the designs in the movies are interesting, overall it is really a very lighthearted and a bit too easy-going.

a twist version of 'little mermaid' i must say?