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Public appearance: Jas will be at Crypticon!

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For horror fans in Seattle that don’t know, there is a horror convention out here and it’s a good one! It’s called Crypticon and this year features several celebrities like Dee Wallace, Richard Kiel, Marilyn Burns, James O’Barr, Ricou Browning, Don Cascourelli and especially the EPIC Doug Bradley of “Hellraiser” fame.

Horror conventions have some great things like horror art, bootlegs (yeah, we said that fearful word) and panels featuring interviews of and panels with people from various parts of film.

I will be speaking on two panels at this convention, this year. If you want to meet me, then please do seek me out after my panels, as listed below.

Friday at 5:00PM, Emerald Ballroom C:
“Creativity...where does it come from?
Everything started as an idea. How do you get yours? Come and learn some tools, tricks and processes.”

Panelists: Timothy W. Long, Jonathan Moon, JAS

Sunday at 2:00PM, Emerald Ballroom B:
“Satan in SINema
It is just what it sounds like, discussions about the various depictions of the Devil on film. The
best, the worst, the most chilling, the most thought provoking, those that should have been good, but were ruined by Keanu Reeves.”

Panelists: JAS, John Skipp, Justin Giallo, Julie Hoverson, Satyros Phil Brucato, Rick Tillman , Matt Faure

Tell your friends, add it to your calendar and get ready for a great 'Con!

I hope to see you there!

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