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Remakes remakes everywhere and not a one worth crap.

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Nextmovie.com has compiled a fine list. This list brings great sadness and bitterness. Naturally, we are talking about Hollywood's new/old addiction – Remakes. Man, Hollywood loves to cash in and destroy every single happy childhood memory by pissing out watered down and half assed rehashes. The following list will make you wonder why they are doing some while screaming at the monitor for some of the others.

Hollywood intends to ruin movies we wouldn't expect like "Judge Dredd", "Child's Play", "Fright Night", "Conan", "Romancing the Stone" and "Porky's".

Then they plan on ruining ones they shouldn't touch like "Crow", "Warriors", "The NeverEnding Story", "Orphanage" (already?), and "Robocop".

I'd like to note that "The Thing" is not getting a remake, but a prequel. It sounds like the crew knows what they are doing with us that lessens the bitter, but lets face it, we've heard this talk before.

For the rest of the sad list Nextmovie.com has compiled check out the following LINK.

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