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Roger Ebert gets emotional over "Kick Ass"


Apparently, Roger Ebert is getting emotional over the violence seen in "Kick Ass." He says it’s a question of "cool" if you get the violence in the story or not. I think it should be more a question of subject matter in the film. I haven’t seen "Kick Ass" yet, but can tell that a lot of other people are getting it in a way he doesn't.

The thing to point out here is not even that he didn’t like the movie, but that he has issues with the violence. If we all recall, and if we don’t we have web history as proof, he found the violence in “Robocop” funny.

And I quote, "A junior executive is chosen to pull a gun on the machine. The warning is issued. The exec drops his gun. The robot repeats the warning, counts to five, and shoots the guy dead.

This is a very funny scene." from THIS review.

So you find violence funny when put into a satirical action film, but then don’t because it's in… another satirical action film? Could it be that Ebert has gotten to old to connect with what modern audiences seem to be enjoying?

You can see the actors defend the violence of the film here:

On a personal note, when I read a blurb about a movie that states, "...Hit-Girl character, an 11-year-old who over the course of the film racks up a body count that rivals those of Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger during their '80s/'90s heyday." It just sounds kick ass!

His “Kick Ass” review can be read HERE

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