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Soaring Above Expectations – Disney’s UP [User Review]

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, 2009 Up (2009)

Filled with wonderment and intrigue, UP stars a heart warming 70 year old man, a young boy scout a few hilarious creatures on their adventure that captures the attention of every generation. The movie tells a timeless tale of adventure and aging that touches on almost every emotion.

Carl has just about given up watching almost all of his dreams float away, from the dream of having children, to living out his shared adventure with his wife. He has just about given up, until he has no more choices. Carl is 70 year old man, retired from selling balloon and has got quite the scheme up his sleeve. He literally gets enough balloons attached to his house to get his house flying. Okay, so when I first saw previews for the movie, I had to say I was a bit skeptical that I would be able to relate to an old grumpy man that is floating around with a house of balloons, yet I was pulled in. The story was compelling, and demanded empathy, demanded understanding and I never wanted the story to end.

The second character that really begins to shape Carl’s outlook on his future his a little tag along Boy Scout, enter overly helpful and cheery boy named Russel. Who, stuck on Carl’s front porch is whisked away on an adventure I was jealous to watch. Russel has a heart of gold, and with his sweet nature begins to carve away at Carl’s rough bitterness. Carl at first is reluctant to build a relationship, holding on to his vision of what this adventure is, and is going to be. The story evolves into Carl realizing he can now have a new adventure, he isn’t done with life, and he is just starting a new chapter. This epiphany takes life through Russel and Carl meeting a giant bird, talking dogs and pulling their floating house around one enchanting world they embark on a gem of a relationship.

The adventure really becomes alive when Russel becomes friends with a giant bird, he befriends and names Kevin, why? Not sure, but you can’t help but giggle like a kid when you watch the giant bird annoy Carl, adore Russel and cause all kinds of nonsense. The bird, Kevin becomes the target for Carl’s childhood idol, Charles Muntz which then Carl has to make some serious choices about what he really wants. This movie really had me on the edge of my seat, begging Carl to help Russel, wishing for the bird Kevin to escape the evil clutches of Charles Muntz, and at the end leaves me in tears with the simple beauty of having someone who cares enough to make room in their life for you. Beautiful story and I believe to be one of the best movies of 2009


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