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Spiderman abilities to become a reality?


Apparently, Darpa a Pentagon agency has been researching ways to gain the abilities of superheroes such as Superman’s X-Ray vision in the past and now they are setting their sites on Spiderman.

Wired magazines states, “No surprise that Darpa, the Pentagon agency often inspired by sci-fi, is behind this one. They’ve been funding superhero efforts for years, from Superman X-Ray vision to human flight via cannonball (well, sorta). Spider-Man capabilities have been a top priority too, in hopes that troops might one day scale verticals 'without the need for rope or ladder.'"

These small wall crawling robots have the tech to make Spiderman seem a little less special and make a spider monkey out of all of us.

Source: Wired.com

Source of the Bitter: JAS

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