Srpski Film (A Serbian Film) - OMFG! You've been warned.

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, Srpski Film (A Serbian Film) 2010Srdjan Spasojevic,Aleksandar RadivojevicSrdjan SpasojevicSrdjan Todorovic,Sergej Trifunovic,Jelena Gavrilovic,Katarina Zutic,Slobodan Bestic,Ana Sakic Bitter,Bitterometer,meter Srpski Film (A Serbian Film)(2010)

"Those filmmakers need the Jesus." This what a friend of Bitter Balcony's said as soon as this movie was over.

"A Serbian Film" is a tough film to review. No one is going to admit liking this film because of the extreme subject matter and violence. We managed to catch "A Serbian Film" at MIFFF and were fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on your point of view) to watch the uncut version. We had been warned about this movie and can assume this will be the last time the uncut version will be seen in a U.S. theater. And perhaps never on DVD.

A retired porn star is living a humble life with a beautiful wife and son. Money is tight until he is contacted by an former co-star about a job with a "genius director" that will pay so much that money will never be an issue again. He signs on with cautious optimism, but the good times don't roll for long when he’s put in several increasingly uncomfortable and fucked up situations.

"A Serbian Film" is bound to make viewers as uncomfortable. The content is not necessarily gore, but situations of rape and beatings, usually simultaneously. If you watch the trailer you will get a fifth of an idea of what lies ahead.

Here comes the BUT: Watching the film objectively you can't deny that the film is well written and directed. The violence makes sense in the context of the screenplay. There are no wasted scenes and you’re pinned to your seat, waiting for the next round of terrible shit the characters will face next.

It took a few minutes to get over Srdjan Todorovic’s resemblance to David Spade. Todorovic gives an honest performance that will have you sympathizing with him as he commits atrocious acts. Everyone else does a great job with their tormented characters.

We don't recommend this film to anyone who can’t stomach the rawest filmmaking you will likely see for the next decade. If you can see past the insanity, you will see a masterfully handled film that is a victim of its own design.

No images and/or trailer will be attached as they are pretty much all too graphic, but feel free to click on the official site and see what they've posted. However, if you are going to see a trailer stay away from the "red band" trailer. It really isn't a good trailer.

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Srpski Film (A Serbian Film)

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