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A Taste of Art Basel, from Your Friends at the Balcony!

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Miami's biggest Art festival, Art Basel, was once again a huge and successful carnival for the beautiful, the pompous, the bold, and depending on your subjectivity, the talented. The event is a sweeping spectacle where canvas meets break-dancing, folklore stomps into club- hopping, and the nexus of ingenuity gets to party up the way only Miami can.

We usually don't venture out of the confines of cinema, but as lovers of creativity, this brief departure from our comfort zone is welcomed. Hey, many great filmmakers gravitated to cinema after a vast resume in other disciplines, and if cinema is anything, is encompassing. Anyways, here are a few pics from several galleries and exhibits we got the pleasure to see. Now let us get back to our stick-figure drawings.

Note: some of the pieces where exhibited in galleries outside of the Art Basel craze.

Art Basel  Art Basel  Art Basel  Art Basel  Art Basel 

Source of the Bitter: John Rojas

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