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TheOnion.com calls out Vince Vaughn!


The Vince Vaughn Deciet!

The Onion has taken it upon themselves to call out Vince Vaughn on his calling his latest crap, er, movie a "funny movie".

Apparently, he went on Conan and said things like, "This was the director's first movie, and he did a fantastic job" and "very funny stuff." By the look of the trailer we all know this won't be the case.

The one thing I can't agree with is the one housewife saying that he stole her money and,"I thought I could trust these celebrities." Really? Did you really think an actor is going to go on Conan and tell everyone, "Actually Conan, I must confess this is the biggest terd to hit the screen since G.I. Joe. Its absolutely horrible and I was put on suicide watch after screening an early cut."

These people are paid to act. Yes, even when they go on talk shows they are acting. They are acting like every film they make is great. Did the actors of G.I. Joe not do this? Did Wahlberg not do this for "Max Payne"? Did Wahlberg also not do this for Shamamamalanans "The Happening"?

Are we not seeing a pattern here?

Source: http://www.theonion.com

Source of the Bitter: JAS

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Que on Sun, 10/18/2009 - 2:50pm

I never thought Vince Vaughn was funny. maybe I havn't seen 'Made' yet. someone argued that it is hard for a tall guy to be funny but hey, Jim Carry was funny, Leslie Nielsen was funny, and even Tom Hanks was funny. Vince doesnt have comedy timing and he talks way too fast for his size.

and about trusting actors....lol. havn't you watched any 'how we made' section on any movie dvds?

JAS on Fri, 10/16/2009 - 10:40pm

Vince Vaughn stopped being funny after "Made". Probably before then as I think I remember him being kind of annoying in "Made". Vaughn has never been an attractor for me to see a movie, but he is quickly working his way into the detractor status. In fact, I think he's been there for a while and I just wasn't admitting it.

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