Thor - Poppy Corny kinda Movie [User Review]

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The experience watching "Thor" is exactly like eating that tub of popcorn - it is a lazy choice, un-inspiring, fast-food flavor, nothing more than salt/grease, and taste exactly like the last time you had it - an experience built to be forgotten.

"Thor" tells a story where this blonde boyish 'god of thunder', is being cast to earth after making an arrogant mistake and power stripped; he however learnt the value of life and love and regain his power through the short journey on earth, kissed a human girl, and recovered his god-ish status.

Thor, among other comic book heroes (turned into movie), is a kind of special guy. In movie he doesn't have a secret identity, nor a human style life, and through the short period of the time that his power was stripped off, he doesn't even know it himself... the movie doesn't seem to understand what it wants to achieve, is it the affection of the background? is it the intriguing learning curve of the humanity? is it the pursuit of the power and wisdom? this undecided movie tried to touch all the bases and the outcome is sadly that nothing is really touched; Thor is not built up as a loveable character, story rushed too much, Thor's earthly trip only happened within 10km radiance and he has an opponent so weak, it only took less than a punch to complete smash the enemy, and Thor was not even the guy who did it.

The movie is full of top class names and faces - Anthony Hopkins as the wise lord Odin goes in to coma sleep in the fashion of cardiac arrest. Natalie Portman as Jane Foster is short and horny and has no idea what her research is about. Stellan as Erik looks confused and does not know what to say throughout the entire movie, with only one painful expression affixed on his face. Finally, Chris Hemsworth, the next Aussie superstar, showing off plenty of six packs and Biceps, acting like a drama queen on stage... and we have the last but not lease Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson, urrh, lets just say, he is funny.

All the solid actors are trying to act in this movie to make it somehow believable but failed. The script is merely a vehicle for this movie to move forward; describing it as flimsy would be a complement. The lines are cheesy and predictable, plot is cheesy and predictable and the emotion is cheesy and predictable. Thor's companions, the four follower fighter pack is super weak. All the breathtaking CGI scenes are already shown in the movie preview.

I petty the maker of this movie - it is clear that there was no compassion injected in the production of this movie, all are pure commercial factors - to make it, link it as part of the 'Avengers' and make some money out of it; Thor falls into the bucket where all the superhero movies like 'Cat woman', 'Fantastic 4' or 'Elektra'... instantly forgotten after viewing.

2011Kenneth BranaghNatalie Portman  2011Kenneth BranaghNatalie Portman  2011Kenneth BranaghNatalie Portman  2011Kenneth BranaghNatalie Portman 

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