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Tom Shadyac (the guy who made Jim Carrey talk out of his ass) finds nirvana, dude!

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This story from Yahoo's Will Leitch catches up with Tom Shadyac, the guy who brought us "Liar, Liar," "Ace Ventura," and "Bruce Almighty." It seems years of directing junk caught up to Shadyac's soul, and now the man who helped put Jim Carrey on the map (and sadly typecast him as a face-shifting imbecile) is living in a trailer. No, he's not broke, just fed up with the competitive nature of his career, and now pursues a Gandhi-like way of life. In all honesty, we think Shadyac's decision to give up a profitable job to find inner peace is cool, but then again, this guy's biggest hit involves a grown man talking out of his ass. We wish Shadyac the best, and hope he stays as far away as possible from a movie lot. Here's the article:

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