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Top 10 reasons "Avengers" will suck

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Marvel insists on shoving the "Avengers" down our throats time and time again. They drop "Avengers" hints even when it ruins the core story, as seen in "Iron Man 2." So, do we really think this epic super hero movie is possible of living up to years of hype? We think not.

Here are just a few (10 is a good number) of the reasons we think "Avengers" will disappoint when it finally arrives:

  • 1. A lot of talent and no time to focus on any particular star. Think about it, Edward Norton, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Downey Jr. Those three alone are almost too much. If Thor and Captain America can't hold their own, the imbalance of actors may make it awkward to watch.
  • 2. "Avengers" are just not that interesting.
  • 3. Who will they fight that is strong enough – and non-alien?
  • 4. Too much setup over the years raises expectations.
  • 5. How expensive would it be to make this one correctly and take advantage of the cast and characters involved?
  • 6. We've been seeing the movie trailer for this for more than four years.
  • 7. Possible recasting, since Marvel can care less about keeping original cast members (see "Iron Man 2"). Also, we're sure the actors will demand more money, which will only make this project that much more expensive.
  • 8. Scarlett Johansson, for as good as she looks, just comes off as cheesy as Black Widow.
  • 9. Who will write/direct it? Will Marvel cheap out on us since they spent all their budget on the cast?***
  • 10. Once Marvel has blown its wad with "Avengers," what next?

We hate to be cynical so early on, but when we see that Marvel spinning sequels that spend half the time shoving the incoming "Avengers" film in our face, we have to brace for impact.

*** After some poking around we see that Joss Whedon will direct (good choice) and Zak Penn will write. We aren't totally sure about Penn since he did write Matthew Broderick's version of "Inspector Gadget" and the horrid "X-Men: Last Stand". However, he did write the good "Incredible Hulk", so we'll have to wait and see.

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