Toy Story 3 - Is the third time a charm... of doom?

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Toy Story 3

“Toy Story 3” is the final chapter in the “Toy Story” saga (if “Twilight” qualifies as a saga, then so does “Toy Story”). It tells of the final moments in the history of these toys with their lord and master, Andy. Having branded the toys with his name, Andy abandoned the weaker of the toys by giving them to anyone who will take them or by re-enslaving them via eBay. Left with a handful of his favorites, he becomes bored and banishes them to the dark bowels of the toy chest. Woody (Tom Hanks) is the only one who can lead the toys to their salvation or to a quick ending.

As Andy is about to head off to college, he’s charged with one final task; Select the best of the toys to keep and banish the rest to the garbage lords of old. Uncaring as Andy has become he selects a few to seal away in the cold attic where the toys will live out their immortality in solitude, but plans are foiled and Andy’s mother takes a batch of toys to the local medium-security child-care facility. But a resident suffering from some mild multiple personality issues informs them that they have to pay their dues with the younger crowd before reaching the older, more appreciative children. Barbie opts to sell her “services” to a local Ken in exchange for living in his dream house of horror.

Their dues come at a high a price and the toys are subjected to cannibal kids that lick them, abuse them, and tattoo them with water soluble paint. The toys set out to rejoin their original master or die trying. Will they escape their torment? Will they survive?

What? It wasn’t a horror film? Well, we aren’t rewriting the above outline.

In “Toy Story 3,” we wait for the inevitable tearjerker moment where the toys either join Andy at college or live in the attic the rest of their lives. This is a sequel and every story has to have its struggles, but somehow we feel like it should have been a little lighter and the missing toys are missed.

All in all, “Toy Story 3” was entertaining as ever with the sprinkling of some creepy moments. The writing, directing, and voice acting are all Pixar level, which is pretty high, and we send off this series on a good note.

On a side note: WTF! Michael Keaton was in this!?!


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